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We are very excited to let you know about our new divisions based out of Saskatoon, SK and Edmonton, AB.  Hitting the ground running we now have 22 journeyman millwrights, ironworkers and welders in the field working on the following below.  Please reach out to our General Manager Lawrence Cordell lawrence.cordell@pacific-apex.com to get our rate card or project specific costing.

Industrial Millwrighting Services - Specializing in the Grain and Fertilizer industry 

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SS Fabric Building Line

SS stands for “SuperStor”. This entire structure is composed with a remarkably efficient fifteen parts and no steel welding. Minimal components facilitate simplicity of install along with ease of shipping via single crate. Each fabric building goes through finite element engineering which set it apart from most fabric suppliers in our industry.  Call and let us explain the difference.

This innovative design is an economical solution for personal storage but also durable to withstand lighter duty commercial requirements. The SS Series is ideal for those with smaller building size requirements. The clearspan interior makes this a practical choice for storage; ranging from various vehicles and equipment, to inventory warehousing.

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Standard Features

  • Hot dip galvanized brackets / base plates
  • Hot dipped galvanized hardware
  • No Steel Welding
  • 7 oz high density polyethylene fabric


  • 12 oz high density polyethylene fabric
  • Steel legs with different height options

Advantages of Fabric Structures vs. Conventional Building

 FlameRetardantSymbol61 copy       Flame Resistance
When considering any project the building material characteristic are very important, especially flame resistance. Our engineered fabric structures' fire rated and non-fire rated high density polyethylene (HDPE) have undergone all of the strict ASTM and CAN/ULC testing requirements to make it useable in almost any application. Typically, in most cases surpassing the requirements set forth by all governing bodies. The requirements of the HDPE fabric must meet multiple tests; tensile strength, flammability, light transmission and self-extinguishing properties. Whatever building application or local coding your project must meet, we are confident our product has the capabilities.
kohl20eye20pencil stormy20grey   Design Flexibility
A fabric structure provides remarkable flexibility when it comes to design.  We have the engineering to not only produce our standard models efficiently, but also provide complete customizable widths and profiles. The HDPE's elasticity and strength enable architects/engineers to further push their design capabilities. We maximize floor space with clear span designs and can provide eaves to any reasonable height. The one thing we pride ourselves on is our diversity with our building segments and their required look and feel.  We can incorporate in our fabric buildings steel cladding, brick and motor, wood or whatever else you can dream up.
 stickman building blocks anim 500 clr  Permanent / Transportable
Although typically categorized as temporary buildings, fabric structures have become known in the market to stay in place for more than 30 years with minimal upkeep. These buildings offer something that most can’t say, versatile and movability. Depending on how the foundation is constructed in most cases your building can be designed to go from one location to the next. For both zoning & permit applications combined with the resale advantages the fabric building line by Pacific Apex is an exciting option.
 Clock  Cost Effectiveness
Fabric buildings typically in the short and long run are more cost effective than a traditional building when you considering both installation and operation expenses.  With generally less site preparation and foundation requirement associated with installation due to a less heavy frame design and far less time required to install the building, they make for a very budget friendly project. In the long run, the natural light transmitted through the translucent fabric make lighting requirements during the day obsolete and provided low cost energy bills.  Another thing to note being seen in the most jurisdictions as a temporary building, you can realize some property tax savings. 
 icon saving energy Energy Efficient/ Natural Light
Contrary to belief, fabric buildings can provided energy efficiencies. Their air/water tight designs do not allow airflow into the building like most conventional buildings with many points of susceptibility.  These buildings can be insulated with a second liner of fabric creating dead air pocket as well as conventional insulation. A fabric structure can allow daylight to enter the structure to have a very natural feel.
 sign20face20mask copy Atmospheric Air Quality Control
With many different hazardous sites out there our fabric building line can offer many advantages. Airborne particles can be contained and controlled at remediation sites, mining, etc. The chemical resistance of the coated fabric is ideal for longevity where air quality and conditions that would be normally harmful to many other forms of cladding will not effect our fabrics duribility.

If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about your building needs, please contact our office in Vernon, BC