HC-56 Aspirator Repair

Our Cleaner Division team responded to a breakdown and preformed an investigation. Upon investigation we identified failed components. Our team procured all replaced parts and competed repairs on a HC-56 Aspirator. The machine is now restored and cleaning grain.

Our crew installed the following components:

  • Fan Wheel, CW rotation, 1-11/16 bore

  • Fan Wheel, CCW rotation, 1-11/16 bore

  • Fan Shaft

  • Bearing Assembly 1-11/16″

  • Fan Shell, Sheet Metal Scroll

  • Fan Casing/Enclosure c/w Air Bleed In

  • Fan Cone T5230

  • Fan End Plate T5227

  • Fan End Plate T5228

  • Fan End Plate LH

  • Fan Extension Ring

  • Air Stream Deflector

  • Fan End Plate Stiffener RH

  • Fan End Plate Stiffener LH

  • New hardware package

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